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Transmedia storytelling is a trend set to explode across virtually every corner of the entertainment industry. This will open up a myriad of creative and business opportunities that will only continue to emerge in greater frequency as convergence culture carries on replacing the more modular business models of entertainment products intended for mass consumption.


Red Right Hand Publishing will act as an aggregator as well as an independent service company by continuing to create and acquire outstanding books integrated with transmedia experience as well as partnering with publishing houses interested in utilizing the many possibilities of this form of publishing which we refer to as I.M.P.’s (immersive multimedia projects.)


Each book will have a unique keycode that the user will enter into our app as proof of purchase to unlock the features for each book.  If a user is borrowing the book, they can purchase the features for a nominal fee.  The book will appear on your ‘bookshelf’ and as the user progresses through the book, they will scan QR codes and participate in activities sent to them through email, text and the app itself.

Off The Page Business

An enormous business advantage for ourselves and our clients will be the unprecedented ability to know and understand our audience. By requiring readers to fill out a small profile upon the purchase of their I.M.P.  we will immediately be capable of creating a client data base containing our readers names, age, sex, email address, phone numbers, as well as crucial information such as how fast they are reading our products, when they are reading our products, at what point books are stopped if not completed and a wide array of other information. 


This information can then be used to personalize their reading experience, ie. roll out demographic specific content;  improve creative and marketing efforts; engage our readers in ongoing narratives; as well as alert them to follow up products or titles we feel they would be interested in.


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