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The Black Chronicle, our flagship book, provides the most intense, terrifying experience using the Off The Page app.  But horror is only the beginning.  With the app in place, we intend to release immersive multimedia projects in several different genres, each one designed to bring the reader and the world of the book closer together.
Just a short stop away from horror, you can become a detective in our line of mystery novels.  Explore pictures of crime scenes for clues, hear hidden interviews with suspects to gauge if they‘re lying, and try to track down the killer before the ending.  Each novel gives you the chance to solve the case and rewards sharp-eyed detectives with alternate endings.  

Off The Page Tech

And if the real world doesn’t do it for you, just see what the app can do with science fiction stories and fantasy novels.  You won’t just read about intergalactic wars or tribal skirmishes, you’ll participate in them, deciding the fate of whole planets and civilizations with the click of a button.  And the characters will let you know how you’re doing as your phone becomes a communication device allowing vivid responses to your decisions.


As young adults get smart phones at younger and younger ages, they are looking for apps geared towards them.  With Off The Page’s young adult line they can be a part of the class where the story takes place and watch the characters update their social networking pages as the story progresses.


And don’t think we’re forgetting about the endless possibilities for non-fiction materials.  The app turns textbooks into multi-disciplinary learning tools.  Why read about a famous, historical speech when you can hear it with a simple scan?  Why try to imagine the carbon cycle, when a simple animation can spell it out for you?  Solve math problems using the skills you’ve just learned and immediately see if you’re right or wrong, and what mistakes you made.


With each subsequent genre, we intend to explore even more avenues of interactivity. 


Using your cell phone’s location services, the app will identify where you are and will send you emails referencing places in your very own neighbourhood.


Mini-games will allow you to engage in the world directly (and will be a particularly fun method of engaging young readers). You can combat the forces of evil, get involved in tense car chases, or even build your own castle and see it become the main location in the story.


Using conversation trees, you can interact with the characters directly.  Ask the right questions and you’ll be treated to secret information.


Use your own videos and photos to alter the nature of the story.  Scan your own photo into the story and become a part of the tale, appearing in everything from in-book wanted posters, to your very own corner of a fabled museum.  Create an epic music video and watch as it becomes “The most talked about video all time”.


Each book will customize the reading experience to fit your own personality.  Using questionnaires, the app will find out what you’re afraid of, what you love, what you hate, and alter the text to appeal to your own sensibilities.


Incorporating all aspects of social media and mediums, transmedia publishing will not simply augment stories but revolutionize the relationships people have with books and create for them a richer and more exciting experience then was ever previously possible.



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